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Article: 4 Easy Hair Styling Tips Anyone Can Follow

4 Easy Hair Styling Tips Anyone Can Follow

4 Easy Hair Styling Tips Anyone Can Follow

Sometimes, you really want your locks to turn heads. Having a lineup of hair styling tips makes it easy to achieve this. Whether it’s a luscious-yet-messy style or a slicked-back clean hair-do, you’ll want to have these hair styling hacks in your back pocket to help you nail the look.

Of course, having a range of hair styling products will help you achieve your dream hair goals. 

To get you there, we’ll guide you through our tips for washing hair for each look, how to use texture spray, and how to add smoothing oil when hair styling without overdoing it. Become a styling-savvy goddess, using products that are as helpful as they are nourishing.

The 4 Simplest Hair Styling Tips

When styling your hair at home, it’s always easier with hair that is in good health. Or better yet, with a fresh haircut. 

Regular cuts are essential to hair that looks fresh and bouncy. Plus, it removes those tricky-to-manage dead ends. A few snips and layering in the right spots will flatter you in three distinct ways - your locks, your face, and your entire look; it’s an ensemble.

With that out of the way, it’s on to hair styling. We like to keep things simple to help you master a hairstyle in a short amount of time. That’s why we’ve whittled it down into two essential looks:

Sleek and Messy.

You can never go wrong with sleek hair or a sleek bun that instantly makes you look put together and gives everyone the impression that you spent a decent amount of time in the bathroom getting ready. Fortunately, this hairstyle only takes a couple of minutes, especially with the right products for your hair.

And for days when your hair just doesn’t fit into that sleek bun, embrace your wild side and go for a messy hair look, using texture spray to turn your unruly locks into beautiful waves.

Both styles work wonders on freshly-washed hair but are best completed on second-day hair. Here are our 4 tips on making these hairstyles work for you with minimal effort for maximum effect.


1. Pick The Right Hair Products For Your Locks

You’ve no doubt gotten to know your hair well by now, which means you know exactly what it needs to avoid bad hair days, right? Well, forget everything you know. Our range offers shampoo and conditioner tailored to hair that requires cleansing, smoothing, or rehydration. Since our products are made with natural ingredients, they’re great at keeping your scalp and hair balanced and ready to be styled into the hairdo of your dreams.


2. Use a Hair Treatment Mask

Popping on a hair mask about once a week adds even more nourishment, and the benefits are always visible. After shampooing, treat your tresses to our Moisture Boost Recovery Hair Mask. It’s a dreamy double-whipped saviour of a formula full of nutritious ingredients like Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Olive Oil, leaving your hair in a perfect state for styling.

Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse.

Also, because our Hair Mask comes in a 100% recyclable pouch, it’s a far more compact option for tiny showers and won’t fill up with water every time you open the cap.


3. You Can’t Go Wrong With a Sleek Hair Look

Also known as the ‘wet look’, this timeless, elegant look seems effortless, like you’d just comb some gel through it, but that’s not quite how the pros do it. 

Decide if you want a middle part, side part, or a slick back, and begin styling once it’s dry. If your hair’s roots are curly, it’s best to brush or blow it out first, or even use a straightener if the curls are incredibly tight. 

Firstly, add our Frizz Tame Smoothing Oil for added heat protection, then brush it through to get the shine down to the mid-lengths and ends. Then, add our hair mask to the hairline or part, and work it through with your hands or a comb. Because it also acts like a gel, it’s best to use small amounts, only adding more to achieve your desired look.

For a sleek up-do, comb the hair from the roots to where it’ll be tied and secure it into shape. Finish with a tiny splash of smoothing oil, giving it that glamorous, lasting shine without making it greasy.


4. When All Else Fails, Get Messy

Whether you’re wearing your hair up or down, texture spray will give you that effortlessly unshakable, messy hair look. Untame that mane and add My Soda’s Beach Waves Sea Salt Texture Spray to your hair when it’s damp or dry. Zhoosh your hair by focusing the spray on the roots and massaging deeply for added volume and body. 

If you’re leaving your hair out, run your fingers through the lengths after spraying, and depending on the texture of your hair, you could give it a scrunch or just style it with your fingers. Because as the name suggests, My Soda texture spray works wonders for, you guessed it, texture.

If you've got more time, you can style your hair with some curls or waves and finish off with the spray to give it a natural beach wave look. A godsend solution during winter when it's far too cold to actually hit the beach for that sea spray finish.

For that perfect hair-piled-on-your-head messy up-do, give your hair a spray, then simply pull your hair into a ponytail close to the top of your head. Loosen the ponytail a little, then wrap the hair around the hair tie, securing it with a few pins. Pull out some wisps around your face. You’ll have yourself a go-anywhere, do-anything, easy, messy up-do.


Style Your Best Hair Yet With My Soda

Perfect hair doesn’t have to be complicated. Experience the difference My Soda can make to your hair styling routine with our premium hair styling products made sustainably with natural ingredients. 

Browse our website to learn more about how our Conscious Haircare products prioritise the planet while also boosting the health of your hair. Heal the world, save your hair, and #kisstheplanet with My Soda today!

Oh, and check out our blog for even more hot tips for your luscious locks and sustainable hair products.

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