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Our Focus On Sustainability

How we help #kisstheplanet

We Are All About Conscious Hair & Body Care!

At My Soda Australia the planet is always at the forefront of everything we do. From vegan, plant-based formulas to super clever refill packs that reduce plastic waste by 85%.

Keep reading to find out all about it...

Unique Refill System

Our bottles are made using durable HPDE plastic to stand the test of time, allowing you to refill them without having to buy new bottles each time you run out of your My Soda goodness.

Made With Self-Generated Renewable Energy

We are seriously committed to reducing our carbon emissions which is why we have a roof mounted solar system with over 5,000 panels at our production facility. This self-generated energy reduces our carbon emissions by over 1,500 tonnes each year!

Gentle Plant-Based Formulas

We can't claim to make conscious hair & body care for the fun of it. Our products are formulated using Green Chemistry which means we use ingredients sourced from renewable and sustainable sources and avoid harsh chemicals.

All of our products are also grey water and septic safe so our formulations are nice for you and our environment.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

Our bottles are made and filled in our Melbourne based factory with formulas created by our inhouse Chemists. So we know exactly what goes into our products!

While many brands purchase their bottles from overseas, shipping air back to Australia, making our bottles on site reduces carbon emissions and our impact on the environment.

Cruelty Free & Vegan

We care about our fury friends as much as we do our products!

It’s an absolute top priority that our products and ingredients are not tested on animals. Cruelty Free & Vegan is the only way we know!