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Article: How To Deal With Your Hair in the Humidity

How To Deal With Your Hair in the Humidity

How To Deal With Your Hair in the Humidity

Humidity hair is so prevalent in Australia that even the Sydney Morning Herald covered it way back in 2018! Asking the question, “why do sweaty temperatures play such havoc with our hair?” Author Mary Ward shared a common frustration that every person with long hair deals with down under: 

“Putting time and effort into straightening or curling your hair only for the humidity to cause your straightened locks to frizz up and laboriously constructed curls to drop limp.” 

Yeah, limp hair is totally not the vibe. Just ask Monica Geller from the friends, “it’s the humidity!”

Fortunately, the author reached out to dermatologist researcher Professor Rodney Sinclair from the University of Melbourne to better understand why humidity makes hair frizzy.

Coupled with this resource, we’ll teach you how to deal with your hair in the humidity of Australia. Learn how to stop hair frizz in humidity and discover the culprits behind the all-important question: “why does my hair go frizzy in humid weather?”

Tame your mane with humidity treatment for hair that smoothes, hydrates, strengthens and reduces split end formations thanks to some much-needed heat protection.


Why Does My Hair Go Frizzy in Humid Weather?

It all comes down to the way our hair is bonded together. Bare with us; we’ve got a science lesson coming up!

Professor Rodney Sinclair tells us that a single strand of hair is a bundle of “longitudinal tubes of keratin” that can be quickly impacted by humidity. Because of how keratin is chemically bundled, these bonds can be broken by permanent curling and straightening treatments (disulphide bonds) or by water (hydrogen bonds).

We experience the breakdown of these hydrogen bonds every time we have a shower. Hair gets wet, becoming softer to the touch and more malleable. Then once it dries, “new bonds will form in the new shape the hair is in, and it will stay in that shape," Professor Sinclair explains.

This is because hair is hygroscopic, meaning it can absorb water. When this happens, the hydrogen bonds can be broken in the hair structure, resulting in frizzy hair and split ends.

The same thing occurs during humid weather, as the moisture in the air breaks down the hydrogen bonds, resulting in wavy or frizzy hair when it eventually dries. And it affects everyone! Not just people with curly hair or those who regularly straighten their hair.

Fun Fact: did you know that the human body cannot detect wetness? This is because our skin does not have receptors that sense wetness. Instead, our brains have learned a hygrosensation strategy to detect thermal and mechanical changes induced by the presence of moisture on the skin.


How To Stop Hair Frizz in Humidity?

Now it’s time to talk about static electricity. Remember rubbing a balloon across your hair and watching each strand stand up on its end? Many frizz taming solutions do the exact opposite; they “reduce static electricity between neighbouring hairs so that they don't repel each other," Professor Sinclair says. For example, leave-in conditioners allow the hair to be combed while still damp, allowing them to dry in a new position.

Our solution is a three-step hair care process combining our Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner with one of our premium hair styling and treatment solutions: Frizz Tamer Smoothing Oil

Increase shine, repair damaged hair and nourish your scalp for a silky finish with our super smoothing plant-based shampoo formula. Then our Smooth Conditioner can reinvigorate your hair with the essential oils it needs for strength. Finally, our Smoothing Oil comes in with heat protection of up to 230° C to protect your hair from styling tools like curling irons, blow drying, straighteners etc.

Our Smoothing Oil heat protection helps prevent unwanted hair frizz in humid weather and during hair styling. Helping to maintain the strength of the disulphide bonds that high-temperature heat treatments would otherwise break down, humidity treatment for hair will up the frizz protection for your hair.

7 Step My Soda Humidity Treatment Routine

Let’s break our humidity treatment routine down into seven easy-to-follow steps.

Step 1: Apply Smooth Shampoo to wet hair. 

Step 2: Massage into your scalp and gently lather along the strands of your hair. 

Step 3: Rinse well.

Step 4: Apply My Soda Smooth Conditioner, concentrating on the ends of your hair.

Step 5: Leave for 1-3 minutes and rinse.

Step 6: Using our Frizz Tamer Smoothing Oil, pump a small amount of oil into the palm of your hands and rub them together. Use on wet hair before it dries or on dry hair before styling.

Step 7: Gently run hands through mid-lengths to the ends of your hair.

On top of humidity hair treatment, the best way to stop hair frizz is to allow your hair to dry off completely. Any moisture left behind can cause significant problems. You may even want to entirely avoid styling your hair if it gets too humid, as hair products and heat go together like Icarus and the sun.


My Soda Humidity Treatment For Hair

All it takes to deal with humidity hair is a triple dash of My Soda. We begin with our Smooth Shampoo, followed by our Smooth Conditioner, before adding our decadent Frizz Tamer Smoothing Oil to tame that mane once and for all.

#kisstheplanet no matter how humid it is outside with My Soda Conscious Haircare. From premium humidity hair treatment solutions to our innovative refill pouches and, of course, our holiday-inducing range of natural body wash. Whatever you choose, you’ll receive a touch of TLC with our delightfully fresh plant-based formula that is vegan-friendly and ‘choose-cruelty-free’ accredited.

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