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About My Soda

Helping curb Australia's plastic problem since 2021

Join Our Mission to Help Curb Australia's Plastic Problem.

My Soda Australia is all about cruelty free, plant-based hair and body care and a better-for-environment promise with clever refill packs designed to reduce plastic waste by 85%.

Our refillable bottles are crafted from recycled plastic right here in Australia, and all bottles are fully recyclable. Manufactured in Melbourne with the help of self-generated solar power, we are dedicated to reducing the impact on our precious environment.

Every Australian uses around 130kg of plastic every year

But only 9% of this plastic gets recycled

Which means over 130,000 tonnes of plastic end up in our waterways every year.

This is WHY we created our refill system!

Reducing Plastic Waste By 85%

Our bottles are made using durable HPDE plastic to stand the test of time, allowing you to refill them without having to buy new bottles each time you run out of your My Soda goodness.

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What We Stand For

Quality Ingredients

Nature has so many amazing ingredients and we only use the best!

Our clever chemists are always working hard to source high quality, plant-based ingredients for our products and our team are forever testing to get our formulas just right!


Kissing the planet, one My Soda product at a time! From local manufacturing using self-generated energy to clever refill packs.

Our business is founded on strict sustainable practices so we are always striving to do more to reduce our environmental impact.

Great Hair!

Let's be honest, who doesn't love a great hair day!? At My Soda, we want your hair to look and feel amazing so that those compliments come in all day, every day!

Our range is always growing to bring the latest great hair and body products.