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Article: How To Extend The Life of Your Coloured Hair

How To Extend The Life of Your Coloured Hair

How To Extend The Life of Your Coloured Hair

It’s been said that blondes have more fun, but whoever coined the phrase was probably a natural blonde since they didn’t consider the amount of upkeep required to maintain coloured and dyed hair between appointments. 

Dying your hair is a common request at many hairdressers. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry enabling people everywhere to cover grey or white hair, restore their original hair colour, or transition into something more exciting and fashionable.

However, unlike a haircut, colouring your hair can have some adverse effects, making it vital to involve deep conditioning to maintain your hair's colour and health.

Learning how to take care of coloured hair, especially with blonde hair dyes, it’s good to know how to use purple shampoo. What does purple shampoo have to do with blonde hair? Perfectly toned, sun-kissed strands, even when it’s been a while between salon visits. 

If you’re sick of brassiness and worried about the state of your locks, learn more about maintaining your blonde hair and how purple shampoo, of all things, is the answer to enhancing your look.


Taking Care of Blonde Hair 

Depending on your hair type, it’ll respond differently after dying it. The first thing you should focus on after a new ‘do is health, health, health. You want to give it as much tender loving care as possible because dying your hair isn’t exactly harmless.

Hair dye structurally damages the strands to change their colour. Darker hair dyes won’t do as much damage to your hair as bleach, but any hair treatment will alter the condition of your hair.

How long your colour will hold depends on the condition of your existing hair–healthy hair will always maintain colour better than unhealthy hair, preventing colour from fading or losing its cool tones. 

Lightened locks can develop unsightly brassiness if there’s a buildup of chemicals in the hair or if the strands are in bad shape. Repairing dyed and damaged hair is so much simpler with natural hair care. Ingredients extracted from plants are kinder to your hair and scalp. These nourishing, gentle products are much less likely to cause breakage, frizz, and any stripping of oils or dyes. 

The best way to keep it in tip-top condition is by switching to natural hair care products. The long-term benefits of these sustainable hair products made with naturally-derived ingredients are next level, as the formulas won’t strip your hair of essential, protective oils. It’s gentle enough to cleanse and moisturise but not harsh enough to strip colour. 


What is Purple Shampoo?

The purpose of purple shampoo is to prevent brassy hair by putting purple pigments in the hair with each wash to neutralise the yellow or orange undertones. Many generic formulas of purple shampoo can be very trying on the hair, temporarily improving the colour but stripping the strands of health, which is unsuitable for colour in the long run.

Since our Conscious Hair Care range is about kicking good hair goals, we’ve decided to lend a helping hand to coloured hair.

My Soda is expanding to purple shampoo and conditioner to treat and tone blonde, silver, or lightened hair shades with a brand-new nourishing plant-based formula. Enriched with Shea Butter and Almond Oil, our purple shampoo will protect, moisturise, and soften your hair.

My Soda Blonde Haircare Range

Kiss brassy tones goodbye with our all-new blond haircare range. Brand ambassador Pandora Bonsor has long blonde hair and swears by these formulas to brighten and strengthen her locks. “My Soda’s new Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner works to remove the brassy or yellow tones and maintain my bright colour,” says Pandora. She also loves the adorable look of the aquamarine bottles. 

Even the My Soda team is kissing brassy tones goodbye. On testing My Sodaʼs new Blonde Haircare range, Elise Synnott, My Sodaʼs Marketing Manager, says that ensuring the finished product had a high-quality formula was fundamental.

“In addition to ensuring our formula met My Sodaʼs standards, we knew we wanted to create a product that consumers didnʼt have to spend excessive amounts of money on to achieve a cooler and brighter blonde.”

“During testing, we found that My Sodaʼs Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner is comparable to more expensive supermarket brands in removing yellow or brassy tones, which is fantastic news for our customers.

“We are proud to have formulated such a high quality, affordable blonde shampoo and conditioner that also has strong sustainability and eco-friendly credentials.”

Now available exclusively at Woolworths, My Soda’s Blonde Hair Care range makes hair maintenance easy for blonde babes. For optimal colour and health, here’s how to use these new products:

  • Blonde Shampoo. Use this shampoo once a week or as often as needed to get to your desired tone, depending on how your hair takes to the pigment. Leave in for 2 to 3 minutes so the purple shampoo can work its magic.
  • Blonde Conditioner. Use after shampooing to protect and moisturise your hair. Apply to the hair, concentrating on the ends, leave for 1-3 minutes and rinse.

Everyday Conscious Haircare

When your hair needs to be shampooed but doesn’t need a purple wash, use another shampoo suitable for coloured hair to help bolster your blonde hair. 

  • Start with our Hydrate Shampoo to reinvigorate your mane and nourish those locks.
  • Follow up with Hydrate Conditioner - leave in for about 3 minutes - rinse, and;
  • Finish by treating your hair with our moisture-boosting, double-whipped Recovery Hair Mask for that day spa feeling at home. 

Now that you know how to take care of coloured hair, enjoy a win-win situation with My Soda’s Blonde Hair Care range. Prioritise the health of your hair, keep brassiness at bay and enjoy long-lasting, gorgeous blonde colour. Explore the range today.

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