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Article: Heatless Curls - Wavy Hair Without The Heat

Heatless Curls - Wavy Hair Without The Heat

Heatless Curls - Wavy Hair Without The Heat

Heatless curls are a hairstyle trend taking the internet by storm. Helping ladies with long hair worldwide achieve hairdresser quality curls without heat, curling your hair this way requires only one thing–creativity. And maybe a little patience since many of these techniques need you to sleep on them.

Blow-drying hair and curling irons are essential tools for creating magnificent hairstyles in a flash. Unfortunately, exposing your hair to these high temperatures may cause significant damage, leading to frizzy untameable hair. 

And although our combination of Conscious Haircare and Premium Treatment and Styling products from My Soda helps hydrate, strengthen and reduce split end formations, heat styling still requires increased temperatures to achieve heatless waves and the hairstyle you desire. 

Fortunately, heatless curling could be the answer you’re looking for to achieve beachy hair looks. By limiting your hair’s exposure to heat, you can significantly reduce the prevalence of dry and brittle hair. These innovative heat styling alternatives could be your pathway to adding heatless waves to your hairstyle repertoire. 

Learn how to do heatless curls with help from My Soda and our range of hair care and beauty products, backed by a touch of TLC and delightfully fresh plant-based formulas. 

How To Get Wavy Hair Without Heat

Before we begin, here’s a word of warning to the time conscious. Other than our number two method, heatless curling techniques will require a few hours of your time to set. Unlike heat styling, which uses high temperatures to force your hair into specific shapes, heatless curls need time and patience to achieve the same results. 


1. Braids

Remember those days in school when you would sit behind your friends and braid their hair? We bet you didn’t realise braiding your hair is a shortcut to heatless curls.

All you need to do is braid your hair before you go to bed and undo the braids in the morning for all-day curly hair. Just remember to add our Frizz Tamer Smoothing Oil to keep those flyaways in check.

This leave-in hair treatment is enriched with Argan Oil and Brazil Nut Oil to help to hydrate, strengthen and reduce split end formations. Plus, it offers heat protection up to 230° Celsius for stronger hair and a healthy glow.


2. Sea-salt and Scrunch

Give your damp hair a spritz of our Beach Waves Sea Salt Texture Spray and scrunch upwards for heatless waves in an instant. It’s a natural beach wave look brought on by combining Kakadu Plum and Papaya Extracts to help nourish your hair and Dead Sea Salt for added texture. It’s effortless beach babe style.


3. Old-School Hair Rollers or Spoolies

Like they did back in the day, using old-school hair rollers is the OG heatless curls technique that slaps. Starting with damp hair, roll sections of your hair from the bottom up, securing with hair pins. 

Leave for a few hours, or overnight, for stunningly wavy hair without the heat. 

Spoolies are another hair roller you can twist and wrap your hair onto to create heatless waves

But if you’re having trouble rolling or spooling your hair, consider reaching out to grandma; I’m sure she’d love to teach you her tried-and-true heatless curling method.

4. T-Shirt Halo Method

Brought to you by YouTuber Kayley Melissa, the “halo” method for heatless waves in your hair employs an unorthodox tool–a t-shirt.

Working similarly to hair rollers, you first need to twist your t-shirt into a roller shape and tie the ends together into a circle, or as Kayley describes, a “halo”.

Place the halo on top of your head and wrap your hair around it, securing it with hairpins.

Then, just like braiding your hair, leave overnight and undo the halo in the morning to reveal heatless curls that are soft and bouncy.


5. Cotton Plopping

Another t-shirt method for heatless curls involves cotton t-shirts specifically. After showering with a healthy dose of Smooth Shampoo and our Smooth Conditioner, apply our Frizz Tamer Smoothing Oil and any other Premium Styling and Treatment products and wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt. Then in the morning, remove the t-shirt for bouncy heatless waves that last all day long. 


6. The Sock Bun

The Sock Bun method continues the unorthodox trend of using random household items for heatless curling. Although the technique calls for using old socks, we’d recommend giving them a clean before starting this method. If you don’t have suitable socks, you can use stockings to achieve the same effect. 

First, put your hair up into a ponytail. Then, with your freshly washed sock, cut the tip off the end of a sock and roll it up into a doughnut shape, similar to the Halo above. Pull your hair through the hole at the end of the sock to create a large bun. Leave overnight, and remove to reveal those luscious heatless curls.


7. Headband Halo Method

If you can’t master the T-Shirt Halo method, try using a headband instead. Wrap your hair around the headband and leave it overnight. Remove in the morning for heatless waves without the beach and sweltering temperatures. 


8. French Twist

From the French Kiss to the Twist, this heatless curling hair styling method requires you to twist sections of your hair over each other and bundle them together into buns. Leave for at least six hours, then gently pull them out for heatless waves that will turn heads.

Environmentally Friendly Heatless Curling

Heatless curls are easy to achieve if you have the time. With eight easy-to-follow heatless curling methods, you can achieve the hairstyle you desire any time of the year. 

Moreover, switching to sustainable hair care products from My Soda means promoting our mission to curb plastic pollution in Australia. We use a combination of clever refillable shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles that reduce the use of single-use plastic by 80%. Every purchase of My Soda will help reduce the 130,000 tonnes of plastic polluting our waterways and oceans annually. 

Plus, with the introduction of our all-new plant-based Body Wash, you can enjoy environmentally friendly beauty care products with unlimited refills for a complete beauty upgrade.

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