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Article: Oily Roots and Dry Ends? 3 Tips for Combination Hair

Oily Roots and Dry Ends? 3 Tips for Combination Hair

Oily Roots and Dry Ends? 3 Tips for Combination Hair

It’s pretty common to have more than one problem with your hair - trust us. We’ve all been there. If you’re part of the ‘oily roots dry ends’ club, you’ll know how tricky it can be to manage both concerns simultaneously. Combination hair, this frustrating condition is notable for, yup, you guessed it–Oily Roots and Dry Ends!

Fortunately, learning how to stop oily roots and how to fix dry ends needn’t be as challenging as you might think. Thanks to a few combination hair tips to customise your routine and products made with natural ingredients to keep the balance in check, we’ll show you how to get your hair back to its best with My Soda. 

What Causes an Oily Scalp and Dry Ends?

Combination hair is often caused by over washing and, in some cases, under washing (a paradox of haircare). Shampoos with harsh oil stripping chemicals can also cause combination hair. But why?

Quick biology/haircare lesson. We all know hair follicles produce natural protective oils. When we wash our hair, these oils are removed and replaced with the nutrients in your shampoo and conditioner. Over washing, under washing your hair or using harsh shampoos can knock this all out of whack.

If the natural oils in your hair aren’t making it down to the ends of the hair shafts, we call it combination hair leading to dry, brittle lengths due to the build-up of oil at the roots.

Do I Have Combination Hair?

Combination hair causes the sebaceous glands responsible for your scalp’s natural oils, to go into overdrive, leading to a cycle of excess production, which generally leads to over washing. When this happens, the ends of your hair miss out on the nourishing natural oils. You may have combination hair if you notice split ends, breakage, and damaged cuticles.

How to Manage Combination Hair

  • Swap to natural products. Besides wanting the silkiest and luscious head of hair, finding the best shampoo for oily roots and dry ends, one that refreshes the scalp without disrupting its natural balance, is the ultimate goal. 

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals to cleanse your scalp and condition your locks. These ingredients mess with the brilliant microbiome that keeps your scalp healthy. You want to find shampoo for oily scalps and nourishing conditioners.

  • Our Shampoo range lavishes your scalp with the tender loving care it deserves, thanks to a stunning array of plant-based ingredients.

    We use ingredients like Kakadu Plum to restore healthy oil production. Organic Aloe Vera Juice and Organic Avocado Oil nourish your scalp and hair follicles. Then for further nourishment, our Conditioners uses the same plant-based oils to complete your hair care routine.

  • Use a hair mask for dry hair lengths. Combat dry, damaged tresses and correct your scalp’s balance with our Moisture Boost Recovery Hair Mask. Strengthen and smooth your hair simultaneously by smothering the mid-lengths to the ends with the goodness of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, and Olive Fruit Oil. Work this into your new hair care plan once a week for instantly healthier hair and better balance over time.

  • Brush your hair before bed. Brushing from root to tip will help carry essential hair oils to where it’s needed most: your dry ends. Adopt this little self-care routine before bed each night. After many continuous strokes, leave it overnight, and you’ll start to see the benefits in no time.

  • This ritual also stimulates blood flow at the roots, promoting hair growth. Brushing also breaks up the build-up of products and oils commonly found in combination hair. 

    We recommend brushing your hair with a biodegradable brush with natural bristles to avoid damaging the strands you’re working so hard to nourish. Plus, it supports our plastic-free mantra.

    It’s Time to Adjust Your Haircare Routine

    If you’re out there screaming, “why are my roots so oily?!” Don’t just reset your routine to fix one problem. Knock out two birds with one stone. Combat oily roots and dry ends with a total refresh by focusing on brands that have your health in mind and the planet’s health. Just as detergents, cleansers, and chemicals harm your hair, they also damage the earth’s natural balance as it all gets washed into our precious waterways. 

    As a hair care company that’s good on the inside and the outside, we promote healthy and balanced lifestyles to support us and the world we inhabit. My Soda products reduce plastic waste by 80%, and our bottles are recyclable. For clean hair and a clean conscience, shop our range of shampoo for oily scalps and super-nourishing conditioners, and treat yourself to a hair mask for dry hair.

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