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Curb Plastic Pollution with Natural Haircare

Buying Shampoo & Conditioner Made With Natural Ingredients From Your Local Supermarket 

In Australia, we each use 130kg of plastic every year. Sadly, only 9% of this is currently being recycled. As Australians, we need to take a stance against plastic pollution.

Worry not; this doesn’t mean we have to make drastic lifestyle changes. There are many simple steps you can take to join the war on waste. 

Switching to My Soda’s refillable shampoo and conditioner, enriched with natural ingredients and cased in bottles made from recycled plastic, is an excellent first step. And the best part is, it will do wonders for your hair too! 

Let us give you the rundown on how buying My Soda shampoo & conditioner made with natural ingredients from your local supermarket can help the environment, yourself, and the community.


What’s Wrong With My Current Shampoo & Conditioner?

The haircare market is currently saturated with unrecyclable plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles. Unrecyclable plastics can’t be repurposed and do not break down.

Many plastic bottles may indeed be recyclable, but they are disposed of in a way that makes them too dirty for reuse. You might be thinking, “But hey! I clean my haircare bottles out and put them in the recycle bin!”. But sadly, several items in our recycle bins don’t actually live to see a second life. Many are still shoved into landfills, where they leak harmful chemicals into the soil that can spread into groundwater.

That’s why we’ve started a mission to help curb Australia’s plastic problem.


How is My Soda Different?

The bottles for our conscious haircare products are made in Australia from recycled plastics to stimulate a sustainable plastic economy.  We follow a circular reuse and recycle philosophy. Buy one of our shampoo bottles once and refill it infinitely with our refill pouchesThese little steps you take by purchasing and refilling My Soda products contribute to helping us reduce plastic waste by 80% on each refill purchase.   

But what’s most important is our conscious haircare approach. We recognise the importance of boosting your own health while creating a better future for our planet.


Benefits of Our Plant-Based Shampoo and Conditioner

A better planet means not only a healthier environment but healthier people too. And when it comes to our hair care, that means choosing recyclable products with natural ingredients.

Our products use a range of sustainably sourced, plant-based ingredients. Smooth your hair with the help of organic rosehip oil in our Smooth Shampoo or help to enrich your dry ends with our organic argan and moringa oil in our Hydrating Conditioner.  

By choosing My Soda, you can reap the benefits of plant-based shampoo & conditioner:

  • Gentle on hair follicles and skin 
  • Softens and nourishes your hair with plant-based solutions
  • Human & environment friendly due to a greywater safe and biodegradable formula

Most importantly, our shampoo and conditioners avoid nasty chemicals that damage our hair and the environment. We say no to parabens, SLES, propylene glycol & more. Kiss the Planet every time you wash!

While Aussies are fortunate enough to live in a sunny haven that is ‘gurt by sea’, our hair is exposed to the elements. Counteracting the effects of the sun and sea using products made with natural ingredients and sustainable packaging solutions is the best step forward in protecting your hair while protecting our environment.


Get Started Today. Shop Locally

Joining the war on waste was once a complex concept, out of reach to everyday Australians.  But now, for those looking to shop locally for eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner, Woolworths is the exclusive home of My Soda shampoo and conditioner. 

There are also significant benefits for our communities when we choose to shop locally. In a post-pandemic world, stimulating our local economies is a way we can all give back while also reducing our carbon footprint.

We all play a role in the global march toward a better planet. With My Soda, you can #kisstheplannet, helping the environment, yourself, and the community all at once.

The power of the people is what drives change. The more we participate in this sustainable plastic economy, the more we can increase Australia’s demand for recyclable products. 

Empower the war on waste. Get your hands on My Soda’s plant-based shampoo and conditioners at Woolworths today! You can find more information on our mission and how to get involved here.