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Article: 3 Reasons To Opt for Natural Body Wash

3 Reasons To Opt for Natural Body Wash

3 Reasons To Opt for Natural Body Wash

Unlimited body wash refills from My Soda are finally here, so it’s time to switch to natural, nourishing body wash. Kick your synthetic beauty products to the curb and opt-in to the My Soda better-for-the-environment promise that reduces plastic consumption and rewards you with fabulous plant-based formulas bursting with naturally derived ingredients that will leave your skin feeling better than ever before. Discover why you should choose natural, nourishing body wash from My Soda today!

1. Natural body wash doesn’t contain nasty ingredients

More than just a pretty bottle of natural body wash, we have strict standards for all the elements that go into our products. They are some ingredients to avoid in body wash and other beauty products that can disrupt your health. You can rest assured that you will never find these ingredients in our products:


  • They may disrupt hormones, harming fertility and reproductive organs


  • These common foaming agents are known skin irritants.

Propylene Glycol

  • A chemical used in antifreeze for vehicles may cause immunotoxicity and irritation.


  • It may cause thyroid hormonal issues.


  • It prevents metals from being deposited on your scalp and hair, but it can be toxic if ingested.

Harsh Detergents

  • A common detergent for removing dirt and oil used in beauty products is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, which can be damaging to those with sensitive skin or hair.

Petrochemical Cleansers

  • Often found in dishwashing detergents, industrial soaps or cleaning fluids, petrochemical cleansers dissolve grease dirt like household cleaners make grease disappear, clean glass and help disinfect your bathroom and kitchen. As the name suggests, they’re made using fossil fuels, which is already bad enough. But the worst part is they can harm your hair and skin, the environment and the organisms that inhabit them.

Mineral Oils

  • Another petrochemical-derived chemical, Mineral Oils, are often used to make petrol and other petroleum products. But the main reason to avoid Mineral Oils is their comedogenic and occlusive properties, which means they may block the pores in your skin.


2. Natural body wash is better for the environment

Our plant-based products take advantage of a sustainable resource strategy, which uses the effective natural ingredients our world offers. Why use synthetic chemicals when our plant-based formulations can accomplish the same tasks better than they can?

For example, we have a strict palm oil policy for all our haircare and body wash products. Palm oil is not used in any of our products. However, some ingredients are derivatives of palm oil. To ensure we maintain quality and responsibility for the environment, we use vegan-certified plant-based ingredients that avoid animal cruelty.

Moreover, our products lower sodium levels and undetectable phosphates, making them grey water safe, biodegradable and non-toxic to plant life.


3. Natural body wash is made with better ingredients (although they may sound scary)

Some of the ingredients we feature in our products may sound a little scary, but in reality, they’re perfectly harmless and safe for you and the environment. 

Sodium Benzoate (preservative)

A preservative that prevents mould and bacteria from growing inside our shampoo bottles, conditioner, and body wash.

Many other cosmetics use sodium benzoate to ensure their products last on the shelf and in your bathroom.


This polymer is one of the best substances for controlling frizz, retaining moisture, and adding shine. Because it's not hazardous and grey water safe, we utilise it in our hair care products to soften hair.

Check out our FAQ page for more answers to important questions like where our bottles are made and what to do with your refill pouches.

Every product featured on the My Soda website features a complete list of ingredients, making it easy to spot the plant-derived components in our body wash. Our plant-based body wash can be topped up using our 500ml body wash refill pouches, an ingenious innovation that cuts single-use plastic by 80%.

Whether you need body wash for dry skin or are looking for an upgrade to your beauty routine, with My Soda, you can access a new level of organic, plant-based nourishment using body wash and natural ingredients that won’t harm your skin.

Lime-Drenched Coconuts

Our tropical body wash will give you serious vacation vibes and leave you smelling of lime and coconuts after your shower. A bottle of Lime Drenched Coconuts Body Wash will not only add style to your shower, but it also contains a powerful blend of plant-based substances. Coconut oil and lime juice are blended to make your skin feel moisturised and clean after every shower.

Tropics in Bloom

The scents of strawberry, peach, and sweet tropical blossoms will fill your bathroom as you pamper your skin with our amazingly delectable Tropics in Bloom Body Wash. Rose water and mandarin oil are merged to help calm and nourish your skin after each shower.

Check out how to give your haircare routine a plant-based refresh for more information about some of the naturally-derived ingredients in our Conscious Haircare range. 

Why You’ll Love My Soda

Customers can expect nothing less than the best from us when they combine My Soda refill pouches with our unquestionably original formulae and botanical actives in our tangy fragrances and fresh recipes. Enjoy sustainably sourced, vegan-friendly goods packaged in recyclable bottles with the "Choose Cruelty-Free" seal of approval.

With Conscious Body Care that aims to reduce Australia's plastic usage and care for your body, you can launch your My Soda experience right away with our clever refillable body wash bottles and pouches.

Naturally, Nourish Yourself With My Soda

Beyond a Conscious Haircare range of shampoo and conditioners, as well as premium treatments and styling products, we’re your pathway to naturally nourishing plant-based body wash scrubs away dirt and grime without the need for harsh chemicals and detergents. 

Replenish your skin the right way with My Soda body wash, and our duo of plant-based formulas made with an array of organically-derived ingredients complimented by refill pouches and recycled plastic bottles that reduce plastic consumption. Go inside My Soda to learn more about how we make our cruelty-free, plant-based haircare and body wash.

Make the transition towards environmentally friendly hair care and beauty products and get ready to #kisstheplanet with more beauty and hair care advice from our blog.

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