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8 Ways to Look After Your Skin and Hair in Summer

We Aussies are blessed to live in a sunny paradise that is "gurt by sea," but that means our skin is exposed to the elements and can suffer from sun damage, especially in the summer. And just as the sun can damage your skin, UV rays and hot temperatures can significantly damage your hair. 

But don’t worry, you can avoid bad hair days and troubled skin with tender, love and summer care from My Soda and our 8 tips for how to take care of your skin and hair in summer. Discover how to protect your hair and skin during summer, boost hair hydration, and tame dry, frizzy hair with our suite of sustainable hair care and beauty products! We’ll also teach you how to hydrate your hair before heading out for the day and how to prevent blonde hair from losing its colour.


Get a New Summer-Do

    While there’s no such thing as the perfect time to get a haircut, summer is an excellent time to get a new summer do, as freshly cut hair is easier to manage and is more likely to stand up to the effects of the sea, sun and sand. Having less hair will also keep you cooler during the summer months. Plus, who doesn’t love a fresh haircut to go with your hot-summer body?


    Slip, Slop, Slap

      Slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat. If it’s good enough to protect you from sunburn, it has to be good enough to protect your hair. Well, almost. The sun can damage hair, similar to how the sun causes sunburn. Use haircare products containing UV protection to protect your hair from the summer heat.

      For example, the My Soda Moisture Boost Recovery Mask is formulated with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter to help your hair feel nourished and conditioned, while the Olive Oil helps strengthen and smooth your hair. Treat your hair with this moisture-boosting, double-whipped hair mask for an added boost and protection against the sunshine.


      Choose a More Sustainable Body Wash

        After launching our Conscious Hair Care range, we decided to introduce a more sustainable body wash that helps reduce plastic consumption in Australia, one bottle at a time. With two different body wash varieties - Lime Drenched Coconuts and Tropics in Bloom - everyone can spice up their shower time with My Soda body wash. Revitalise your body and skin after a summer’s day with superstar formulas bursting with plant-based ingredients to help your skin feel cleansed and moisturised after every shower.


        Protect Your Hair When Swimming

          Swimming at the beach or pool can cause significant damage to your hair. Due to the heavy salt content of seawater, moisture is leached from your hair and skin, which results in pruney fingers and dehydrated hair. On the other hand, chlorine can strip your hair of its natural oils. Swimming in chlorine may also result in blonde hair giving off a greenish hue, which is the furthest thing from what you want in your hair.

          To protect yourself and your hair from salt water and chlorine, you can soak your hair in water before diving in to prevent your hair from absorbing as much. Or, you can invest in a leave-in conditioner, improving your hair’s resistance to the damage caused by swimming.

          If your blonde hair is suffering from that greenish hue, we have two incredible products to help maintain your colour. First, our Blonde Shampoo treats and tones blonde, grey or white locks with our nourishing purple plant-based formula of Shea Butter to help protect and moisturise and Almond Oil to help strengthen and soften your golden locks. And with our Blonde Conditioner, you can make that blonde hair glow brighter than ever!

          For those that need to rehydrate their hair after a dip in the water, check out our next summer hair care tip for moisturising hair.


          Moisturise Your Hair

            Summer brings heat, which means perspiration, increasing the buildup of chemicals and debris in your hair. On top of our Moisture Boosting Face Mask, our Hydrate Shampoo delivers luxurious hydration, giving your hair the royal treatment with a silky soft hydrating plant-based formula. 

            Enriched with Organic Aloe Vera Juice to help increase shine, Organic Argan Oil to help condition your hair and scalp and Organic Moringa Oil to leave your hair feeling deliciously soft and nourished, it’s a hip-hip-hooray for summer hydration! Follow up with a healthy dose of our Hydrate Conditioner to lock in the moisture all summer long.


            Avoid Heat Styling

              While avoiding extreme summer temperatures is tricky, you can avoid unnecessary and often damaging heat styling. With the help of our Frizz Tamer Smoothing Oil, you can strengthen your hair's defences against damage caused by styling appliances like straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers. No matter how frizzy your hair is, our Smoothing Oil will control it since it can shield your hair from heat up to 230 degrees Celsius (that's how hot they can become). Even flyaways with straightened keratin won't be able to compete.

              Pump a modest amount of oil into your hand's palm before using. Then go through your hair with your hands from the middle to the ends. Oh, and you can use it on both dry and wet hair.


              Beat The Heat, Beat The Frizz!

                Hot weather increases the risk of frizzy and out-of-control hair. While our Frizz Tamer Smoothing Oil is one way to tackle frizzy hair, our Smooth Shampoo and Smooth Conditioner duo work in tandem to maintain healthy and well-nourished hair to ensure every strand is silky smooth and luscious to the touch. 

                Enhanced with Organic Rosehip Oil to help repair and smooth hair, Organic Coconut Oil to help strengthen hair, and Organic Aloe Vera Juice to help nourish the scalp. Rock that smooth texture with our ultra-smoothing plant-based formula for good, old-fashioned hair taming.


                Spray On Beach Waves For Days

                  Our trio of premium hair treatments and styling products won’t just protect your hair from the scorching summer temps. They’re also a shortcut to effortless beach babe style. Our Beach Waves Sea Salt Texture Spray makes your hair healthier and more manageable. The Dead Sea Salt, Kakadu Plum, and Papaya ingredients add texture and body to your hair while shielding it from the elements. 


                  Find Summer Beauty Care At Your Local Supermarket

                  The best way to protect your hair in summer while also saving the environment is to utilise products manufactured with natural components and sustainable packaging options to counteract the impacts of the sun and sea.

                  Maintain those luscious locks with My Soda and our suite of beneficial products for your hair care routine, body and beyond. Visit your local Woolworths for environmentally friendly beauty products like our decadent body wash, conscious hair care with three exquisite shampoo and conditioner varieties, and a pledge to lower Australia's plastic usage. 

                  Get ready to #kisstheplanet with more beauty and hair care advice from our blog, alongside plenty of ways to transition towards environmentally friendly hair care and beauty products.