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Article: Unlimited Body Wash Refills Are Here

Unlimited Body Wash Refills Are Here

Unlimited Body Wash Refills Are Here

You know that feeling you get when you’ve left the house, and you know for sure you’ve forgotten something, but you just can’t remember what the something is? Well, for the longest time, My Soda has been working on that missing something, and we’re so excited to share it with you after all this time. 

First, there was our Conscious Haircare range, featuring three shampoo and conditioner varieties with their innovative refill pouches. Then we launched a trio of Hair Treatments and Styling products. And now, taking care of everything other than your hair, My Soda is proud to announce the launch of our all-new plant-based Body Wash

Complemented by the same clever refillable pouches that reduce the use of single-use plastic by 80%, each superstar formula can be topped up using our 500ml body wash refill pouches.

Start your My Soda journey today, add style to your shower, and #kisstheplanet with My Soda Refillable Body Wash made sustainably in Australia.

Lime Drenched Coconuts Body Wash

Just the name has us slipping into paradise! Our Lime Drenched Coconuts Body Wash is exactly what it sounds like–enjoy major holiday vibes that leave you with the scent of actual coconuts drenched in lime. Seriously, we worked hard on bringing out that authentic fragrance! 

Gently lather all over your body, enjoy the tropical aroma and then rinse.

And, of course, when you run out, just grab a Lime Drenched Coconuts body wash refill pouch and top it off! With this little blue bottle of plant-based body wash in your shower, you can spice up your beauty routine with a superstar formula bursting with plant-based ingredients.

Find out what our beloved Conscious Consumers had to say about our Lime Drenched Coconuts body wash!

“I absolutely love My Soda hair products. My hair has never been so soft and shiny. So when they came out with a Body wash... I just had to try it. It did not disappoint. I love the unique smell, and I absolutely love all the great qualities it stands for. Can't wait to see what's in store for us next.” 

Michelle M. 25/7/22

“The scent is everything! It smells just like lollies. My skin feels clean, and I can't complain at all about the formula. The scent, though, is the winner of this body wash!” 

Bianca 26/7/22

“It’s the best way to spice up your shower time, giving you major holiday vibes that will give you the scent of lime and coconuts.” 

Zarmina B. 25/07/2022

Tropics In Bloom Body Wash

Don’t think for a second that the holiday vibes are over. We infused this particular formula of sustainable body wash with rose water and mandarin oil to help soothe and nourish your skin after every shower for that ultimate holiday feeling. While our other natural body wash slips you into paradise, our Tropics In Bloom Body Wash is summed up like this, “get dreamy clean”.

And we mean it (it’s so dreamy, like being transported to an island oasis)! Made sustainably, right here in Australia, like all our other incredible beauty products, transport your shower to an oasis of tropical blooms. Treat your skin to this unbelievably good body wash, and fill your bathroom with the aromas of strawberry, peach and sweet tropical blossoms.

When the bottle runs dry, grab a Tropics In Bloom body wash refill pouch from your local Woolworths store and enjoy the floral aroma all over again.

Here’s what some of our early-bird customers had to say about Tropics in Bloom:

“Wow, just wow! I'm a massive fan of My Soda hair products, so when I saw they have body washes, I knew I would love them. They smell divine, the packaging is the icon light blue, and they don't strip your skin. Big tick from me!!” 

Holly P. 26/7/22

“The scent is GORGEOUS! A tropical oasis, just like a holiday! The liquid body wash formula foams up slightly, forming a nice lather as well. The bottle is cute, aesthetic and practical, with the pump being easy to use. Highly recommend 5/5” 

Tiara 25/7/22

“Absolutely adore that this body wash is gentle on my sensitive skin but has such a rich luxe lather! It smells divine, as all My Soda products do.” 

Bec 26/7 22


Refillable Body Wash That’s Vegan-Friendly and “Choose Cruelty-Free”

The combination of My Soda refill pouches and our undeniably unique formulas and botanical actives in our fresh recipes and juicy fragrances means only the best for our customers. Enjoy naturally-derived and sustainable vegan-friendly products and “Choose Cruelty-Free” accredited inside recyclable bottles.

With a Conscious Body Care mission that aims to reduce Australia’s plastic consumption and care for your body, our clever refillable body wash bottles and refill pouches can help you start your My Soda journey today.

#kisstheplanet with our My Soda Body Wash!

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