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5 Small Sustainable Changes You Can Make Now

Changing your entire lifestyle for the environment is not always realistic. We get that. But if you’re stepping toward a more sustainable lifestyle, there are some easy changes you can make to your daily life to minimise your impact on the environment. To live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle, here are 5 simple sustainable swaps you can make now.

  • Start Composting
  • Composting keeps a heap of organic solid waste that could otherwise be a nutritious fertiliser for plants out of landfill. So, for the gardeners out there, your compost will help enrich the soil for more plants to grow. Composting is therefore truly in line with the definition of environmental sustainability, supporting the earth’s ecosystems for the sake of people and the planet.

  • Reduce Plastic Consumption
  • You might already be doing this as much as possible, by recycling and avoiding plastic packaging where possible. The problem with plastic is that most of it isn’t biodegradable whatsoever, and not all plastics can be recycled. Plastic pollution in the ocean and our waterways is harming marine life and destroying nature’s precious balance.

    With that in mind, our goal at My Soda has been to design refillable hair care products. When your first My Soda bottles are running empty, simply head to Woolies to buy a cute refill pouch to top up the bottle. 

  • Source Locally
  • Another way to reduce your footprint is to buy your goods locally as much as possible. Considering how much transportation adds to global carbon emissions, factoring this into your choices is really beneficial. ‘Supporting local’ is great not just for business owners, but for the planet, too.

    Where possible, choose food, fashion, and beauty products that source their ingredients and materials locally. We ensure the ingredients are the best possible quality, and so our supply chain is largely dependent on climate and supply. Not all ingredients in our shampoo and conditioner can be grown in Australia, but we prioritise the ones that can across the brand. We also manufacture our products with the help of solar power, saving over 1,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

  • Drive Less
  • Speaking of transportation, driving a car, as efficient and convenient as it is, actually emits lots of carbon into the air. So, if you’re wondering how to live a sustainable lifestyle, reconsider how much and how often you travel. Try taking a train or bus, or better yet, ride or walk which is a healthy option for you too.

  • Make The Switch To Reusable Beauty Products
  • An easy sustainability swap is to choose brands that are on a mission to reduce Australia’s plastic consumption, and sustainable brands that opt for refillable options. Luckily, more and more Australian brands are waking up to the importance of sustainability and are offering products that are kinder to the planet. Especially in the beauty industry, there are lots of buzzwords around environmental sustainability. To define it, environmental sustainability is the responsibility to support the earth’s ecosystems to improve the quality of human and animal life.

    Our hair products tick a lot of conscious sustainability boxes, with renewable energy, our carbon footprint, and the global water supply at the forefront of the brand’s mind. Our refillable packaging reduces plastic waste by a huge 80% and they are made right here in Australia. Given how attractive the packaging of My Soda is, and how nourishing the products are for your hair, this is one of the easiest sustainability swaps. Sustainable hair care has never been easier.

    Sustainability Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

    Switching to sustainable products that are good for you and the planet don’t have to be complicated. Spoiler alert, making some super simple sustainability swaps to better beauty products will make for a more uplifting shower time. For a gentle environmental solution that’s kind to your hair and makes your bathroom look super cute, browse our range today.